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Your Experience

Your feedback is extremely important to us. Vital in fact, if we are to provide the best possible service.

There are lots of ways to share your experience. See below for some ideas!

" We want to set the standard for service feedback. It tells us what we're doing well, which is enormously encouraging for those who provided the care and it helps us to value and protect the services we get good feedback for.

Equally importantly, it provides us with an opportunity to learn where services could be developed further to make them even better. "

Chris Stockport, Area Medical Director

Consultation Feedback

Adborth ar Sesiwn Ymgynghori

Paper questionnaire available in surgery

You're welcome to give us feedback after any consultation. Whenever you want, with or without prompting. 

The professional you saw may have given you a paper-based questionnaire during the consultation - like the one shown here ... but if not you can fill in an on-line version below.

You can also complete a feedback form following contact with us outside of surgery, for example contact with your KeyTeam coordinator, or contact by phone or email. 

It's all welcome, and it's all helpful !

Online questionnaire

If you've recently been into the surgery for a consultation and didn't complete a consultation feedback form before leaving then you can complete one online here!

Click here to complete a consultation feedback questionnaire 
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General Feedback

We welcome all feedback, not just feedback relating to a particular consultation. 

It's human nature that we all tend to be quicker at providing feedback when things don't go so well than we are when we have a good experience! Of course we want to know when things could have been better, but we would also love to hear from you when things have gone well ... it helps us to ensure we build upon the good stuff, and it gives the team a well earned boost!

If there is anything you want to share with us, you can 

1. Give us a call on 03000 85 0001 

2. Contact your KeyTeam coordinator or a member of the Leadership team.