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How it Works

The 'Healthy Prestatyn Iach' way.

At Healthy Prestatyn Iach we're happy to think differently if the traditional way of doing things doesn't work for you!

That's why we've carefully set up our service to work in a more flexible way.

Read on ...!

The Structure

The Structure

Your healthcare coordination is managed by your KeyTeam. There is a range of professionals within your KeyTeam, able to provide consultations to help you with your ongoing care.
To support your KeyTeam we have a number of other services available:

Online Consulting Service

This is available via our website from where you can submit requests, is a platform that allows you to seek self-help information, appointment requests and Sick notes through our Practice website. Services include self-help information, advice or help from local services which may be appropriate for your condition, such as self-referral services or help from your local pharmacy.

Practice Nursing Service

Our team of practice nurses, healthcare assistants and phlebotomists can address your general practice nursing needs.

Attached Specialist Services

We have a number of professionals and specialist services which are available to support patients from all teams.

What matters to you

Everything is built around you. You're the expert in knowing what matters to you and what options would best work for you. We can make all sorts of suggestions of ways we can help but if they don't fit with what matters to you then they won't work for you!

Every year millions of pounds worth of medication is prescribed which isn't taken, or at least not take properly. A lot of the time that's because, in prescribing it, healthcare professionals haven't managed to establish what really matters to the patient. So it's a waste of professional time, a waste of medication and just as importantly, a waste of the patients time!

The skills of others

In understanding what matter's to you we know that there are better ways of organising the services we offer so that they work for you.

Firstly, every patient has a KeyTeam responsible for your ongoing care. If your healthcare needs are complex your KeyTeam will help you to coordinate it.

Not all problems in primary care require the skills of a GP. In fact, there are many other professionals who can sort certain problems out not just as well as, but often better than, your GP. For that reason we've included a range of professionals in our teams and they work well together to make sure that the different knowledge and skills they bring are available for all of the teams patients. They share an office and help each other ensure they can look after you without having to hand your care on to other professionals unnecessarily.

That way they get to know you, and what matters to you.

Better ways of doing things

Just because you need help from us it doesn't mean you're sat waiting for us. We all have busy lives and it's important to us to be as flexible as possible.

That means we're happy to consult with you in other ways if it makes things easier. For example email, Skype, or telephone.

And if it's something straightforward then your KeyTeam coordinator will do a great job in passing messages back from your KeyTeam professionals without too much inconvenience.