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In addition to the general 'core service' provided by your KeyTeam, we offer a range of additional clinical services. Details of some of the main ones can be found below.

If you cannot find the information you require please don't hesitate to contact us!

Travel health

Travel Health

Your KeyTeam Nurse Practitioner can provide you with all of the Travel Health advice that you and your family need. 

We recommend that you contact the surgery as soon as possible once you know your travel arrangements, in case a course of vaccinations is required. 

Our travel health advice covers a range of issues, not simply travel vaccinations. Prior to attending surgery you will need to complete a Travel Questionnaire so that we can fully prepare. You can download our Travel Questionnaire below:

Medical Reports

Medical Reports

If you have a medical questionnaire or report which requires completing then please contact your KeyTeam coordinator. Your Nurse Practitioner is able to complete some, whilst others require a GP to complete. Your coordinator will be able to make the appropriate arrangements. 

Unfortunately, many medical questionnaires and reports are not covered by NHS services. These include HGV & PSV medicals, sea-farer medicals, adoption medicals, and taxi medicals. Consequently a private fee may be payable, which your coordinator will be able discuss with you.

Clefydau Cronig

Chronic Diseases

We run a number of chronic disease clinics, and if relevant you may be invited to one. We are mindful of not inconveniencing you by calling you in unnecessarily, and so we will review your records before inviting you. If things look nice and stable, or you have been seen by one of your KeyTeam professionals recently to deal with your chronic disease, then we may contact you first to suggest postponing your routine review so that we don't waste your time. Of course, we would still be happy to see you if you feel that would be preferable!

Iechyd Rhywiol ac Atal Cenhedlu

Sexual Health & Contraception

For straight forward pill checks, in patients already taking the contraceptive pill, our Practice Nurse team will be able to help you, or your KeyTeam pharmacist. 

If your sexual health / contraception concern is a little bit more complicated it may be better to see your KeyTeam Nurse Practitioner, who will be able to provide more advice and treatment. 

In addition the Betsi Cadwaladr Sexual Health service is available. For details on how to access this, clinic times, and services offered click here

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Child Health

Our KeyTeams work closely with our Health Visitors and School Nurses to meet the needs of children registered in the practice.

Your KeyTeam Nurse Practitioner will be able to help you with most straightforward child health problems that your Health Visitor is unable to manage, and they will also take a lead in ensuring that your childs immunisations are up-to-date and that new baby checks are completed at the right time.

Iechyd Arddegau ac Oedolion Ifanc

Teenage & Young Adult Health

If you are a teenager or young adult registered with Healthy Prestatyn Iach then we're here for you too. Your questions or health concerns may be quite different from older patients.

Your KeyTeam Nurse Practitioner is a great source of advice or can also refer to our Paediatric Nurse Practitioner for more comprehensive issues. They are very knowledgeable in managing a range of problems which may be worrying you, ranging from simple infections to a range of more embarrassing problems. If you are worrying about something, and it is affecting your well-being then tell us - in most cases there is a simple enough solution!

From time to time teenage patients report that they don't access healthcare services because they are concerned about confidentiality. So long as you are able to demonstrate that you are able to weigh up information about your health in order to make your own decisions (this is something we health professionals call 'capacity') then will not disclose your medical information against your wishes. The exception to this is if we are required to disclose information by law; however this also applies to adult patients.

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If you have fallen recently or consider yourself at risk of falling then you may be interested in the Falls Service. At least one in three adults over 65 years of age and who live at home have fallen at least once in the past year. You do not need to have already fallen to consider using this service!

There are many different risk-factors for falls, and many of these can be improved. If you wish to know more then please contact your KeyTeam Occupational Therapist. They will undertake an assessment with you and arrange for any support necessary to maintain or improve your mobility and to reduce your risk of falls.

Cleifion eiddil


We realise that for patients who are particularly frail, or who have complex medical needs related to advanced illness, we may need to work harder to fine-tune treatment plans to best meet their needs. 

We are interested in 'what matter's most to you' when advising you about your options. Although medication may have an important role to play, in many advanced illnesses additional medication is often of little or no benefit, and there is a risk that patients who do not want to be on medication find themselves on more and more, and without clear benefit. We are keen to avoid doing this if it does not address what matter's most to you.

To help with this, we are in the process of creating a KeyTeam with specific skills in managing frailty. As well as helping with your current treatment plan the team will help you to consider what your future treatment preferences might be so that we provide the best possible care in the future.

Adolygu Meddyginiaeth

Medication Reviews

Your KeyTeam includes a clinical pharmacist who will be very happy to discuss your repeat medication requirements with you. They will help ensure that any testing required is undertaken, and can answer any questions you have about your medication

Your KeyTeam pharmacist may contact you from time to time to discuss your medication to ensure it still best meets your needs. 


Minor Surgery

Unfortunately at present we are not able to offer minor surgery procedures at Healthy Prestatyn/Rhuddlan Iach

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