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The Service

Healthy Prestatyn Iach is a little bit different! Your overall well-being and experience is centre to everything we do. Our focus is upon what matters most to you.

We have a fantastic range of professionals in our teams, selected to be able to provide you with a wide array of flexible services.

Our Philosophy

Person-centredness is at the heart of our philosophy. We have a flexible approach, ensuring our help and advice is built around what really matters to you.

We have actively structured our services to ensure that we can offer lifestyle and social interventions instead of tablets and ‘medical interventions’ where they better meet your preferences.

Accessibility is important to us and that’s why we’re happy to use email and online consulting with you where it’s clinically safe to do so. It’s also the reason for why we’ve put in place our Online consulting service.

Online consulting is a system where requests can be made via an online form which sends your information directly and securely to us. We can then filter your requests directly to the right person – for example a sick note request to a Key Team coordinator, a medical report request to an administrator, a vaccine appointment to a nurse, a medication query to a pharmacist and a medical problem to a nurse or doctor. The service is available on weekdays, but may be switched off temporarily if we have insufficient staff available to meet demand.

We consider all feedback to be valuable. That’s why we will actively ask you for feedback when we consult with you, and why we welcome any other comments at any time.

Why Key Teams

Your planned care will be managed by one of our pioneering ‘KeyTeams’. These teams have a range of highly skilled professionals, not just GPs.

This approach allows us to offer you flexibility and gives you access to a range of professionals to meet your needs. It ensures our GPs have time to focus upon those with particularly complex medical needs, whilst still being able to support the rest of their KeyTeam to provide incredible care to all of their patients.

Each professional brings a range of abilities and knowledge, resulting in a KeyTeam with a greater range of skills than from a GP alone.

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The Practice Nursing Service

The practice nurse & healthcare assistant team provide a range of traditional nursing services from each site.

Our highly skilled healthcare assistant can undertake blood tests, heart tracings, lung function testing, and routine blood pressure monitoring.

Our practice nurses provide services which include vaccinations, travel advice & immunisations, wound care, contraception advice, smears, pessary care, and some chronic disease monitoring.

Online Consultation Service

The Online Consultation system is a service where requests can be made via an online form which will send the completed form to a health professional in the practice to triage. Online Consultation offers various services from administrative like Requested sick notes, letters and test results to requesting of a GP booking and sourcing of self help advice for patients needing advice from trusted NHS Sites.

This service is open 24/7 and can be completed via the website, meaning no more waiting in quires for a call and better access for information and health advice for patients.

Register with us

If you live within our catchment area then you're welcome to register with us. You can view our map here.

Get in touch with us and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

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GDPR - Privacy Statement

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How do I know who I need to see?

This arrangement will mean that patients can be seen directly by the person most appropriate for their care needs, while also ensuring that GPs can devote their time to those patients who need to see a doctor.


The GPs can help you with complex medical problems which require the specialist skills of a GP.

They also work with the rest of the team to support the care other team members provide.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners manage a wide range of primary care problems which might previously have been managed by a GP.

They have trained for many years and are very capable.


Your KeyTeam pharmacist can help you with any medication related problems, or if you want to simplify your medicines.

They can also help monitor your treatment in between your doctor or nurse visits.

Occupational Therapist

Your O.T. can work with you to help you manage your health, stay as active as possible and continue with your daily life.

They are great at finding simple solutions to improve your well-being.

Team Co-ordinator

Able to help you find the best clinician for your problem if you are not sure. Coordinates the team to ensure they can best support you.

Your coordinator is available by phone or email and will cheerfully coordinate any messages you have for your KeyTeam clinicians.