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Sue Kidd

Sue Kidd

GP | Team Alyn The Senior Leadership Team

Sue is an experienced GP who has moved to North Wales after many years working on the Wirral.

Sue is passionate about person-centred care and understanding what issues are most important to her patients. Like the other GPs, Sue is in the team to look after patients with complex medical needs.

Sue is very interested in helping you to find ways of maintaining your health which don't involve lots of tablets if they are likely to make the best difference or if they would suit you preferences better.

Favourite food


Gardening, walking, painting, cooking

I have recently taken up oil painting and thought I would have a few lessons. I was asked to bring in a painting I had done, so chose one I was quite proud of and friends had liked. With anticipation I unveiled my ‘masterpiece’ for the teacher’s inspection, only to be told ‘It shows you can hold a paintbrush”! Back to painting-by-numbers for me clearly.

Me in three words ...
Thoughtful, caring and curious