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'Front of House'

'Front of House'

The Support Team | The Support Team

Our receptionists and telephonists are a cheerful bunch, who do their best to help.

From time to time they might ask you why you need an appointment. That's not to be nosey (and they work to the same standards of confidentiality as the healthcare professionals) - it's because they are trying to help find the best person to help you. If you'd rather not share that information then that's fine - they will still do their best to help.

Please remember that our receptionists and telephonists are people too! We're very lucky that our patients are generally nice, friendly and polite too - very lucky in fact. But from time to time our team do still experience rude or offensive behaviour from those they are trying to help and that's not acceptable.

The team includes

Bethany M, Clare R, Emma S, Gillian D, Helen B, Jean Mc, Jenny M, Lesley G, Lesley R, Lorraine M, Lynne M, Pauline P, Sharon E, Virginia J, Wendy P, Lucy Bradley.