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Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts

Key Team Co-ordinator | Team Brenig

Julie is the Coordinator for our Brenig KeyTeam.

Julie is on hand to help with any KeyTeam enquiries, to help you if you're not sure who can best help, and to make sure your contact with your KeyTeam is as smooth as possible, only bringing you in to the surgery when it is necessary.

You can contact Julie by phone on 03000 85 0001 or by email at team.brenig@wales.nhs.uk
If you're in Team Brenig and not sure about anything get in touch with Julie!

Best TV
Prison Break

3 words to describe me

I can't live without ...
my mobile phone

Funny Story
Some of my friends have given me the nickname 'Daisy'.

When my children were little I took them for a walk up the track from Prestatyn to Dyserth. At the back of Dyserth waterfalls we cut across a field full of cows and they started to chase us down the hill.

Terrified and fearing for our lives my 3 children and I ran screaming down the hill and across a brook and into another field.

Panting out of breath, covered in mud and with one shoe missing, I telephoned my Mum to tell her that we were trapped in a field surrounded by cows and she said she would get someone to rescue us.

A few minutes later we heard a helicopter so started jumping up and down and waving from the field to attract its attention. Unbeknown to me the helicopter wasn't there to rescue us and was coincidentally just passing over. As it flew away my children started to cry saying were stuck forever.

A few minutes later Mum telephoned back to say that she had spoken to the farmer and if we just clapped our hands the cows would just run off back up the hill. That day turned out to be a more of an adventure than imagined