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Feedback questionnaire launched

Posted 21.04.16 in the Surgery news

Feedback questionnaire launched

Feedback welcome!

The last few days has seen the launch of our consultation feedback tool. Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling it out further, but already we've seen some great feedback, including for many of our new professional colleagues - thank you! 

For example you've clearly told us that you think Mark, our lead Occupational Therapist is a great addition to the team, so we can't wait until the rest of our Occupational Therapists join us in the coming weeks and months. 

And you've given us real examples of how our pharmacists have made a real difference, and how our KeyTeam coordinators have revolutionised how you can access care in a more timely way.

Oh, and also a few comments explaining how we've saved you trips to Accident and Emergency or out-of-hours which is fantastic.

At the end of each month or so we'll aim to publish a feedback summary.

You're welcome to complete a consultation feedback questionnaire after any consultation - there are paper copies in each surgery building, as well as an online version here on the website (in case you forget when you're in surgery!)

We're currently working on an feedback tool for email and telephone contact too, so you may be asked to complete this if you phone or email your KeyTeam coordinator at any point. 

We consider all feedback to be helpful - whether it be good or less good. The good feedback gives us a boost and helps us to protect the parts which work well. The less good feedback will help us focus our attention for developing the service.

Thank you for all of your support!