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10 steps to help beat childhood obesity

10 steps to help beat childhood obesity

Taken from NHS Wales

The 10 Steps to a Healthy Weight is designed to support professionals and help families across Wales to help prevent childhood obesity. 

Currently 1 in 4 children in Wales are overweight or obese when they start school, which means they are more likely to be overweight as a teenager and as an adult.
This also brings with it a number of health problems like asthma, low self esteem and diabetes.
Public Health Wales has launched 10 Steps to a Healthy Weight which outlines the key factors that increase the likelihood of a child being a healthy weight when they start school.
Each of the 10 steps is a positive action which can be taken to help prevent children being obese at age 5.

Pre-conception & pregnancy 

Step 1:  If you are planning to start a family, aim to be a healthy weight. If you as parents are a healthy weight your child is more likely to be a healthy weight too

Step 2: Avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Pregnancy isn’t a good time to try to lose weight but making sure that you gain weight within recommended levels is a good idea for your health and that of your baby

Babies & toddlers 

Step 3: Breastfeed your baby. Babies who are breastfed are more likely to be a healthy weight by school age

Step 4: Wait until your baby is around six months old before giving solid foods. Before six months old breast milk or infant formula has all of the goodness and nutrients your baby needs

Step 5: Help your baby to grow steadily. Babies who grow rapidly in the first year of life are more likely to be overweight when they are school age

Step 6: Give children and toddlers opportunities to play outdoors every day. Children who play outdoors every day are more likely to be a healthy weight

Young children 

Step 7: Limit the amount of screen time children have. Children who spend less time on a screen, including a phone, tablet, computer or TV, are more likely to be a healthy weight

Step 8: Give children fruit and vegetables every day. Fruit and vegetables are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals which all help to keep your child healthy

Step 9: Help your children have enough sleep. Regularly getting enough sleep will help your child be a healthy weight

Step 10: Water and milk are the only drinks your child needs. These don’t contain any added sugars, so your child will be less likely to be an unhealthy weight or have tooth decay