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Lucy Clarke

Lucy Clarke

Occupational Therapist | Team Clwyd

Lucy will be starting in a few weeks as one of our experienced Occupational Therapists and like the rest of the team, will bring with her a wealth of knowledge. 

O.T.'s have a huge role to play in promoting physical and mental well-being. Lucy is keen to help patients 

- to manage their own conditions 
- to feel in control
- to lead active lives

Favourite food
Thai Banquet

Interests / hobbies
Dancing, singing, music, amateur dramatics, second hand shopping, camping, hill walking, family gatherings, fantasy fiction audio books, wild swimming, stroking cats

3 words to describe me ...
Dedicated, creative, unorthodox

I can't do without my ...

My favourite possession is
My phone

Key Skills
- Untangling and making sense of complex situations
- Being empathic 

Coming up...
Undertaking my Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice